For all of 2014, I was a freelancer in New York City. Now that I moved home, I am looking for contract-based work here in the Bay Area while I find the next venture to join.



Get in touch: elyse.marr@gmail.com


rules of engagement

How we can play-nice together.

  • Use rapid iterative cycles because I don’t like to pretend to know-it-all. When I have a question, I quickly build a prototypes to gather feedback and information. This habit de-risks solutions. Testing "good-enough" small pieces will help us move quicker with confidence.

  • Let's play to our strengths and hit the ground running. I am very empathetic to the teams' skills and busy schedules, but I also consider myself a pacer. I pride myself on working fast and getting a lot done. I will often set up a lot of different work streams that can be done in parallel and triangulate across activities to determine the best solution. 

  • Functional is way better than sexy. I don't find slick designed slide decks helpful, nor fun to make. I strive for flexible, collaborative documentation and simple how-to guides. When I walk away as a consultant, I want my client to easily move forward and build on the momentum on our time together.

  • I’ll meet you where you are and what your team is ready for. If you don’t feel ready to invest in custom digital development, totally fine! I am not above cobbling together off the shelf solutions, if that’s what you feel is sustainable and works for you.