Catalyzing Innovation in American Health Care

  business strategy  |  workshop facilitation  |  visual recording  

Client:  NXT Health in collaboration with Memorial Sloan Kettering Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Industry: Healthcare
Location: New York, NY
Date/Duration: March-May 2014
Role: Independent contractor, design strategist 
Status: piloted, not implemented


I created an Innovation Workshop series for NXT to have an engagement strategy with hospital networks as well as added an added revenue stream. This first workshop hosted a group of nurses and administrators from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.



Visual Recording & Workshop Facilitation

As a part of my role as a consultant or my moonlight gigs, I do real-time visualization of ideas and conversations in large convening. These gatherings can be a few hours or a week long. This is particularly useful for capturing high-level stakeholders quotes during the discussions or immediately capturing a customer journey, or detailing out new features for cross-functional teams, who don’t always have the ability to productize their contributions. 

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Reflections // Learnings

  • "Service leadership " is my choice of management, especially for creative teams. I clear barriers for others to be successful in their role. I learned this while I was a visual recorder in high stakeholder meetings. I'd be completely silent - capturing quotes and equally representing the team, visualizing connections between people's opinions and ideas. I realized there was power in steering a group to alignment with practically zero ego.